Total Health.IO™ Product Line

Configurable Health Analytics Sensor Platform

Total Health.IO™

The New Age Micro Total Health.IO™ Environmental Sensor provides detection and monitoring of air quality for industrial environments.

Total Health.IO™ is a multi-power input, health analytics sensor platform. Out-of-the-box, Total Health.IO™ is configured for Air Quality monitoring for both particulate (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10.0) and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Additionally, Total Health.IO™ exposes precision temperature, pressure, and humidity with integrated, advanced signal processing techniques to get the most out of the raw sensor data. The platform is the solution for detecting environmental hazards in susceptible environments such as offices, manufacturing environments, retail spaces, and more.

Built on top of a robust environmental sensing platform is the Total Health.IO™ AI system, driving deeper insight into environmental conditions through machine learning. By leveraging modern IoT infrastructure along with popular environmental and building management system protocols, Total Health.IO™ provides fully integrated access for quantifying environments where we spend the majority of our waking hours.

New Age Micro offers two models of the Total Health.IO™ Environmental Sensor. The wireless EN1 model offers Wi-Fi connectivity and is ideal for existing buildings. The EN2 provides an Ethernet connection to your network and is best suited for new construction.


Total Health.IO™ Environmental Sensor with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Total Health.IO™ Environmental Sensor with Ethernet Connectivity