James Calvin

James Calvin – CEO, graduated from Northeastern University in 1993 with a BS in electrical engineering, has more than 20 years of experience in electrical design and project management. He joined New Age Micro in 1997 and developed the hardware design services, before becoming a partner in 2006 and CEO in 2010.

James has developed and designed analog, power and FPGA/ASIC systems and products for industries as diverse as commercial, avionics and industrial control. During the past decade, James has worked on cybersecurity. He has led product development/research teams and has brought ideas from a white board to the manufacturing floor. James has more than 30 patents to his name. As CEO, James has worked to create an effective and dynamic team of engineers to create turnkey products. He has a deep understanding of all phases of development.

Managing Partner

Sheila Heflin

Sheila Heflin has been a managing partner of New Age Micro, for over 30 years. As a managing partner her roles include CFO, project management, customer liaison, general administrator, and HR including employee benefits administrator. She had an integral part moving the company forward from a consulting business to a full turnkey product development company.

Having worked alongside talented and somewhat eccentric engineers for most of her life, she has good understanding of the creative process of engineering and has helped to make New Age Micro a creative and collaborative company.

Principal Investigator, AI/Signal Processing/Cybersecurity

Kyle Cantrell

Kyle brings with him the experience of participating in over ten successful SBIR programs with four of those moving to Phase II. He has supported both hardware development and software development efforts of research and. His areas of expertise include Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion and Anti-Tamper applications along with traditional Acoustic and Image Signal Processing. Kyle also has an extensive background in embedded systems design and development, crucial to the realization of any SBIR research and development productization with several successful Phase I and Phase II efforts. In addition, Kyle spearheaded the initiative to bring machine learning into embedded systems for industrial automation in the form of intelligent broadcast storm protection and convergence, garnering a company innovation award.

Academically, Kyle is pursuing his M.S. in Robotics Engineering at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. During his time so far, he has contributed to the development and implementation of a deep-learning system for Depth Estimation and Visual Odometry. His publication entitled Practical Depth Estimation with Image Segmentation and Serial U-Nets is currently the Best Paper award winner at the VEHITS2020 conference. His focus in research has been Deep Learning based models for 3D Map Reconstruction and autonomous navigation algorithms.

Principal Investigator, Sensor Systems and Simulation

Jeremie LeClair

Jeremie is the principal investigator on this topic.  Jeremie holds BS in physics with over 15 years of experience.  Jeremie has lead several development projects, organizing the efforts of several engineering disciplines, and maintaining a focus on system level function.  Jeremie’s work includes sensor integration modelling and simulation system integration and fluidics and systems level test and development, which includes extensive uses of MATLAB to model and calibrate systems. Sensor systems Jeremie has developed include RF mass spectroscopy systems, Resonet Gravimetric MEMs systems and ensemble systems which use orthogon measurement technologies to achieve high measurement certainty. Most recently, Jeremie’s work has focused on testing of embedded systems. Jeremie participated in several SBIRs while working for Boston Micro Systems.  Jeremie’s SBIR work ultimately lead to the release of Pall corporation’s Pico1000 trace moisture analyzer, capable of detecting water in pure gasses down to 1ppb.

Mechanical Engineer

Ken Doucette

Ken Doucette is a Mechanical Engineer at New Age Micro. He has more than 20 years of experience with product/package designs meeting strict customer agency requirements using SOLIDWORKS. These designs have been for medical, military, and commercial applications. His designs use a range of materials including engineering plastics, die cast aluminum and sheet metal. Experienced in designing enclosures for use in harsh weather conditions.

Ken has the ability to move a design from concept to prototype and into manufacturing for production. Early in the design process thermal management is a major consideration and aided by the use of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. A computational fluid dynamics software used to identify hot spots in the product.

Founder and Senior Fellow

Steve Heflin

Steve was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado where he attended Colorado University Engineering. He graduated with a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He moved to Massachusetts in 1980 and started New Age Micro as a software consulting company specializing in embedded products in medical, communication, and process control. In 1998, he expanded New Age to include hardware consulting. In 2006, New Age Micro was restructured, adding Sheila Heflin and Jim Calvin as partners and becoming a turnkey product design company. Steve has retired from the day to day operation and does IT for the company.