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A distinguished product design firm located in Mansfield, MA, New Age Micro has over 20 years of success delivering design services in the areas of software and firmware development, hardware and mechanical design, simulation, and test. The experience that the team brings spans numerous industries and includes research and development, tool design, and design for manufacturing. Diverse backgrounds at New Age Micro combine to offer a unique perspective and an agile development environment that allows the team to scale to meet the speed and complexity requirements of any project they encounter.

When you think of New Age Micro, think innovation. Our engineers are listed as inventors on over 100 patents and are constantly finding ways to innovate. We have a staff of nearly 20 engineers and we do not outsource. Our design process seamlessly fits together all the disciplines needed to provide complete product design and testing. Our services range from research to simulation to prototypes to full product development.

Security, specifically cybersecurity, touches virtually all aspects of our designs. Cybersecurity incidents can be very costly both financially and to your reputation. From the packaging to the hardware to the firmware and software, all these must be considered when designing for security. With over a decade of experience with security, we can design your product to meet all your security requirements.  We can even help you identify your security vulnerabilities.