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Embedded Product Design & Development Services

New Age Micro is experienced in computer based / embedded product development. Embedded Products controlled by combinations of microcontrollers, ASIC, FPGA, and DSPs, is where the bulk of our experience lies. We provide the engineering and development of software, hardware, mechanical, and PCB. For project completion, we do the prototypes runs and testing.

Embedded Product Design We have over two decades of experience in Embedded Product Development, using Embedded Linux, Embedded Windows, Nucleus, and other (including our own) custom Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS). We have experience in the following industries:

  • Medical
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial (process control)
  • Automotive

Custom Software Development With decades of experience writing software, we have provided solutions for several areas of technology and mastered all types of software languages. We have recently added Google's Android Development Tools and Libraries to our skillset. Our custom collection of software porting tools are used to move source code written for one platform over to another. These tools have saved countless man years of development time and preserved source code that would have become useless due to the processor it was written for becoming obsolete.

Design Verification We use advanced design and verification tools during the implementation of software, hardware, pcb, and mechanical. This includes software and hardware simulation tools, and hardware design verification tools. All hardware designs go through Hyperlynx to analyze the timing of every digital component on the board.

Mechanical Engineering We have a SolidWorks Premium 2011 based workstation and a highly experienced mechanical engineer at the keyboard. This includes a vast set of tools and capabilities as listed on the Mechanical Engineering page. These tools allow us to wrap the package around the PCB such that it works the first time. You can bring your 3D models and CAD drawings to life with our BFB-3000 Plus 3D printer.

Electronics Test Lab Our advanced test and diagnostic tools to minimize the time to find errors and solutions. This includes logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, and an array of servers on a modern high speed internet backbone. We have invested in high end logic analyzers, high speed oscilloscopes, that enable us to work with the fast clock speeds on modern computer products.

Linux Programming We have several years experience writing software at all levels of Linux and Micro-Linux (uCLinux). We have worked extensively with Open Source software and libraries and have learned the advantages and the hazards of using it. Open Source software is an important part of our future but great care has to be taken when using it and contributing to it.

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